Bio Cleaning System

Our Bio Cleaning System is a truly holistic, eco-friendly vision of cleaning.

Based primarily on the use of specific, carefully-selected enzymes and bacteria, this new approach is designed to meet the demands of HACCP, making control measures simpler to implement and more reliable, with a more practical focus.

Offering numerous advantages, the Bio Cleaning System:

  • is based on sustainable development
  • has a very short traceability chain
  • is easy to use
  • has a positive environmental impact
  • is easy to store
  • aids water treatment
  • acts on surfaces without degrading
  • is safe for technicians and surfaces
  • is suitable for use in meeting the most demanding standards of hygiene
  • offers no danger of chemical reaction
  • combines cleaning with protection and care
  • minimises water consumption
  • offers a reduced pollutant load
  • is more cost-effective than many chemical solutions
  • is colour-coded for ease of use

Cutting-edge technology

Micro-organisms occur naturally and therefore have an entirely positive impact on the environment. Every living organism produces enzymes that control metabolic functions. Our experts work with specific raw materials, enzymes and bacteria that are fully compatible with one another.

This risk-free approach to production relies on natural processes and generates no dangerous waste.

Some enzymes break down fat molecules into small particles, causing them to lose their adhesive properties so that they can be easily rinsed away with water.

The enzymes have an anti-static action and can clean porous and non-porous surfaces alike.

This is a non-destructive cleaning system which is also more cost-effective than most chemicals.


extension update

Construction of the factory extension is nearing completion and will be ready to go on line for increased production as of November 2013

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Gold award

One of our hygiene products, manufactured for our client Air9, won the gold award at the INNOVA 2012 trade show in Brussels.

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